Fortnum & Mason – Fortnum’s Feasting Advent Calendar 2020 (2210924)


There are few better ways to count down to Christmas than with a special Fortnum’s surprise every morning. Filled with 25 delicious treats – from tea, coffee and confectionery to biscuits, preserves, condiments and tipples – the festive build up has never been so enticing.

Fortnum’s Feasting Advent Calendar consists of: (in no particular order)

1. Traditional Shortbread, 20g
2. Earl Grey Tea Biscuits, 20g
3. Toffolossus Biscuits, 76g
4. Salted Caramel Florentines, 100g
5. Orange & Champagne Marmalade, 100g
6. Strawberry Preserve, 100g
7. Lemon Curd, 100g
8. Scottish Ling Heather Honey, 100g
9. Rose & Pistachio Nut Butter, 100g
10. Piccadilly Piccalilli, 90g
11. Fortnum’s Pickle, 90g
12. Cranberry Sauce, 100ml
13. Olive Oil, 100ml
14. English Barley Vodka, 5cl
15. English Cassis Gin, 5cl
16. London White Rum, 5cl
17. Quarter Champagne Bottle, 200ml
18. Royal Blend Tin, 25g
19. Earl Grey Classic, 25g
20. Afternoon Blend Tin, 25g
21. Kings Blend Coffee, 75g
22. Ultimate Hot Chocolate, 100g
23. Chocolate Caramels Selection Box, 54g
24. 12 Piece Milk & Dark Napolitains, 78g
25. Icy Mints, 125g

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